Here’s a sample of the messages that our guests leave with us.

We sayed at Kiwi Corral almost 6 months for our New Zealand Working Holiday. They have good enough facilities compared with other shared accommodation. During winter, they provided a heater for every room. It’s so warm. We also got a job working in a packhouse as recommended by Kiwi Corral. Staying here helped us save on accommodation costs for our next travel. We felt comfortable, saved money and met lots of friends here.

– Ray & Jocelyn (Malaysia)

We had enjoyed great time with you during our stay at Kiwi Corral. This is the first time we stay at a backpacker’s accommodation over a couple of months. You had been very helpful in getting us jobs. Whenever we faced problems, you gave us your best to help us solve it. We would like to express our gratitudes. Thank you very much, for all that you have done for us. Take Care & Cheers

– Jonathan & Camy (Malaysia)

Kiwi Corral is the first backpacker that I stay in NZ. And I like it here!! I met a lot of awesome people here. Thank you so much for everything. Really appreciate it 😊

– JJ, Sarah, Giorgie (Germany)

We are really thankful to find us a job in Kiwi Produce and East Pack. All the Best.

– Zoey, Kimmy, Mei, Alice (Hong Kong, Singapore)

It’s my pleasure to have met you, lovely person and spent those unforgettable days living in Kiwi Corral, a warm family makes me felt at home. Thank you for giving me these wonderful memories in New Zealand.

– Faith/Fang Chen, Evelyn (China)

I do appreciate to meet you in New Zealnd and you give me a home in this foreign country. Wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year. May all you wish come true! Keep in touch all the time. Love You, Xoxo!
心想事成,万事如意!爱你们哟 <3 <3 <3

– Elsa Sun (China)

We are appreciated the days we have been spending in the AMAZING KIWICORRAL!! We experienced many different thing over here and surrounded by laughter every day. Life is amazing in Te Puke with lots of kiwi and kiwi and kiwi. Thank you very much for looking after us during these months.

– Hoi Lyn “Serene” (China)

Thank you! For driving us to town every weekend helping us find work and for your amazing & friendly service. We couldn’t have asked for a better stay!

– Rebecca & Tim (UK)

It’s time to leave; it’s always hard to say goodbye, especially Kiwi Corral is such an awesome place. I made a large group of friends here, the people from Solomon, Samoa, Vanuatu, Malaysia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Korea, UK, USA and China. All are very nice and friendly, I enjoyed so much during chatting, cooking, baking and laughing with them. Everyday is HAPPY DAY, it had many treasure moments at staying in Kiwi Corral. I like Kiwi Corral.

– Joyce (China)

Thank you for everything! We really enjoyed our time working and living in the Kiwi Corral! It was nice spending two months at the hostel.

– Michael, Stefan, Matthias (Germany)

To everyone at Kiwi Corral, thanks for everything you’ve done for us in the last 3 months. We have really enjoyed our stay here and look forward to seeing you again.

– Cally & Ross (UK)