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Travel Activities

You may be the type of traveller who is quite content to float around and let the trip take you places wherever the wind may blow. An impromptu traveller throws their plans to the sky and surrenders their control to the whim of the world. A chance meeting in a backpackers will determine their travel activities and they have no set plans or destinations. By contrast, other people travel to the letter with everything marked out and set. All their accommodation, travel activities and places of travel will be pre-arranged so all they have to do is meet the timeline they have set for themselves. Most of us sit somewhere in-between. We have a few things we would like to do and some places we have been advised to visit but have some flexibility around destinations and choice of travel activities.


For those of you who would like to ask a local or travel consultant about what the local sights are when they arrive, we have a treat in store for you. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, we have a host of fantastic travel activities that will show you the spectacular nature of the area as well as the ability to soak up some local culture and heritage.

First things first, no matter what time of year you happen to be here, make a point of spending the majority of your time outdoors. The very reason is, nature has been extremely gracious in bestowing a great many beautiful gifts on this region and you only have to be outdoors to take it in. If you would like to visit some of these spots, the best way to do this is on foot. From walking tracks that take you through native bush to a cascading waterfall, to beachside strolls at sunset you really have a grand choice at your doorstep.

If you would like your travel activities to include some adventure you can try white water rafting, horse treks, skydiving, geyser viewing, go-karts, surfing and much more. If you would prefer a leisurely pace, then an array of parks, lakes or country sightseeing is available.

travel-activitiesWhile nature is king in this beautiful region, some of the more other ventures may include an educational visit to a bee and honey centre, animal park, historic walk or art gallery. There is fishing charters, dolphin viewing, helicopter tours, volcanic sight-seeing and Maori cultural activities all a short distance away. If you and going to be travelling further afield then there are plenty of travel activities in greater New Zealand.

Whether you have a big budget or are reigning in the spending, you have a fantastic choice of outdoors-oriented travel activities that make the most of the beautiful land you have found yourself in. Welcome to New Zealand, with breath-taking scenery and tourist spots you just can’t miss. All you need now is the time!


Affordable accommodation

Many people who are travelling have saved up for a long time to realise their voyaging dreams. When they reach their destination, a lot of travellers work within a budget and so they hope to find affordable accommodation in order to make the most out of their time away. This can at times be a difficult endeavour, but if you search the options from the 5-star hotel right through to the humble camping spot, it is possible to find affordable accommodation along the way.


Whether you are travelling in luxury as a high flyer or on a shoestring budget, the ideal place to stay is a combination of quality and affordability, preferably with one not compromising the other. Generally, accommodation within big cities costs a bit extra since property prices are higher. There are fewer options available in smaller populated areas due to the demand of accommodation not being as strong.

For those travellers who like to have the autonomy to come and go, have facilities to do their washing, cook food and keep things fresh, the best style of place to stay is a backpackers or motel. A backpackers can also be a great place to find others who are on a similar journey, who may be able to recommend places to go and things to do and see. The affordable accommodation which is both clean and tidy offers services for travellers and a good comfortable bed to rest a travel-weary head are priorities for most travellers. Long haul flights, hours on the road, beating down the walking paths of sightseeing spots and lugging round bags can be exhausting. So, finding affordable accommodation that has welcoming hosts and a place to replenish is of topmost importance.

Going the Extra Mile

affordable-accommodation-contentWhen a traveller is taking in the sights, it is nice to have a warm and friendly host who is helpful and offers more than just a place to stay. On top of having affordable accommodation, giving advice and going the extra mile to help a guest in need is something that can make the difference to a traveller. They have the local knowledge so should be able to answer queries about places worth visiting, top locations and must see spots. They should be able to give out advice about where to get supplies or repairs and other helpful suggestions.

Lock it in

Travelling the open road with no fixed destination and chancing upon somewhere to stay can be a bit of hit and miss. You may find a well-attended place with a kind host offering comfort and repose but there is also a likelihood that you will find somewhere overpriced and not cared for, with a host that really doesn’t like their job. So choose carefully, enquire about the availability and ensure the places you stay at meet your needs.

If you happen to find your way to the beautiful Bay of Plenty, you will find affordable accommodation right here, with friendly hosts and tidy clean rooms. Drop in, we’d be happy to offer you a great place to stay.

Working Hostel

A lot of travellers come to their destination with a firm set plan in mind. They have an agenda, a map with the places they intend to visit and a list of the things they want to do on their journey abroad. Others, prefer to have more flexibility. They have some finances to support their trip, but they also have applied for a visa that enables them to find work at their destination. A working hostel is a place which facilitates the visitors, offering them somewhere to stay which is in the vicinity of somewhere to work. We will be looking at the benefits of a working hostel, and why it remains a popular place to stay for many a tourist.


Working Holiday

working-hostel-contentTravelling has become a popular leisure pursuit. However, while the cost of travelling has lessened considerably with the ease of overseas travel, it can still be an interest that requires some saving. First and foremost, travellers need somewhere to stay while they are visiting the country of choice, somewhere to put down their belongings, to make their plans and decide on their next destination. For some, their travels include a lot of voyaging around, and this can become pricey. Certainly, you can visit a country and make an impression. However, the traveller that really wants to uncover the real nature of the country they visit, will require a lengthier stay. By working at a company within the country, and meeting real locals, they will begin to discover the true colour of that destination and become part of its fabric.

At a Working Hostel

Luckily, there are such hostels where work is a priority for the travellers. A working hostel like this not only offers their visitors somewhere to stay but helps them to find work by connecting them to the very people who can offer them employment. The people at the working hostel have experience in common questions and concerns that the many travellers encounter and are able to readily find a solution. Obtaining a visa, transportation, opening a bank account and having a tax number are all important issues when it comes to acquiring work in many countries.

The beauty of staying at a working hostel, is that many others at the hostel will be on a similar journey and so can recount their experiences and give advice as to how to best go about gaining employment. A working hostel is a great environment to be in where your priority is saving money for your next adventure.

If you want to supplement your income by finding work at your travel destination, then finding a clean, safe and comfortable working hostel will be a priority. A working hostel like ours can help you on your way to funding your travels and make the most out of your trip to New Zealand.


Backpacking with friends

backpacking-with-friends-contentFor some, traveling exotic locations and visiting new places is a deeply personal experience and something they do on their own. For others though, traveling is a social activity and involves sharing the experience with others, meeting new people and immersing themselves in the culture of the place they visit. Certainly, the world that we live in now has never been as accessible with more airline companies offering flights to various locations. Or course we have interaction with other travelers on social media so we “see” more of the world virtually as well. Documenting travel through diaries and online blogs in becoming a popular way to share the experiences with family, friends and the wider community. If you like the social side of traveling, then getting out and about backpacking with friends is a fantastic way to see the world and do it with others.

Backpacking in the big unknown

Backpackers will sometimes head out by themselves and end up meeting other people who they get along with and link up to go to other spots together. The advantages of doing that above and beyond the social aspect of traveling with others is to split the cost of fuel in getting to your destinations. In addition to this, some of your traveling comrades may have knowledge that you don’t about the areas you visit so can give you more information of interest about the place. Entertainment cannot be overstated, long road trips are always more fun when there are people involved who are funny and interesting. Discovering new exciting places together is also enjoyable because you all play a part in expanding each other’s horizons, creating memories and bonding with your fellow travelers.


Making Memories

When you are out in the big world, despite the closeness with which the internet can bring us together with other people, it can also solidify the feeling of loneliness. Backpacking with friends connects you with others and enhances your traveling by sharing the experience. You will build up relationships with the people you travel with throughout your journey. Often when you are backpacking with friends you will have these experiences to share later on about the people you met, the places you went, the food you ate and the scenery you saw. Even the misadventures you encounter can become humorous stories to bring up later down the road. Backpacking with friends is all about discovering and learning about new places in an environment where you can join in with one another.

While some people enjoy the thrill of traveling by themselves, people are social and to share the experiences you have with others builds memories you can reflect on later. It helps develop friendships and brings people closer together. When you are backpacking with friends in our little corner of the world, come down and stay. Our door is always open.


Travel Tips

The weather is warming up giving ever more reason to get outdoors and take off on a glorious Summer holiday. With holiday-makers out in full force, we have some fantastic travel tips that will get you well prepared and ready to make the most out of the Summer season of outdoor escapades.


Be weather wise

In the height of Summer, the sun pours down its warming rays, bringing people outside and into the water. Although we are warned often enough about how harmful the sun can be, being extra vigilant, covering up and wearing high protective sunscreen is the only way to enjoy being outdoors and keeping safe. Skin damage through excess exposure to the sun is risky business and so ensure that when you are outside, you are covered up with a wide brimmed hat, T-Shirt and lathered with SPF30+ sunscreen. Apply your sunscreen prior to going outside and reapply regularly, after exercise or swimming. Be very careful in the sea this season, big waves and strong currents can quickly turn a summer dream into a nightmare. Make sure to follow the lifeguard’s rules and know your limits.

If you are camping or spending evenings outdoors, be prepared for the off-chance of rain or cold wind. Although it may seem unlikely, cold snaps do occur and it is important to have something warm and water-proof at the ready in case the unexpected befalls you.

Travel Tips on the Road

travel-tips-contentWhen you are embarking on your trip make sure you play it safe on the road. Typically, this season has many more drivers on the road along with foreign holiday-makers. People towing trailers and caravans, buses and wary drivers mean that the road at times, becomes a little slower. So keep your wits about you and make sure you are patient with other drivers. Be conscious of the speed limit and try to always abide by the road rules. With many more people out getting places be prepared to wait a little longer getting to your destination and enjoy the journey. If you are tired, pull over and take a nap. There are some fantastic road trips out there, so take your time and look at the scenery as you go.

Beware the Biters

There is much to celebrate and enjoy over Summer, swimming in water holes, splashing at the beach, visiting the countryside, eating delicious fruits. However, there are also a lot more of those bugs that thrive in the warmer weather. If you are going to be spending time outdoors, you will most likely encounter insects that may want to take a chance at getting blood from you. It is therefore, a sensible travel tip, to take with you, some insect repellent and a bottle of something to calm your skin if you do fall prey to the biters.

Summer is a wonderful time to get out and take pleasure in the scenery, the sunshine and the sea. With all this fabulous outside play however, take heed of our travel trips that will keep you safe and happy this season. Take care on the road, be wary in the sea and make sure you are wearing sunscreen and insect repellent while you are out and about. Have fun and travel well.

If you are wanting a reprieve in the countryside, you are more than welcome to come by and spend some time with us.


A New Zealand Holiday

As the warmer months approach, it is time to begin considering where you want to go to enjoy a New Zealand holiday. With schools out, time off work nearing and the period of year when people are out and enjoying life outdoors, taking advantage of the warm weather by planning an escapade among nature is atop many a holiday list.


When to take your New Zealand holiday

Some people choose to schedule their time off as soon as schools close and their children are home. Early travellers enjoy roads that are not as congested, and temperatures that are enjoyable but not scorching. As many people choose to spend Christmas with family, those that are out enjoying their New Zealand holiday around this period find that the holiday destinations are not as crowded. Taking advantage of the pre-Christmas shopping deals is also something early travellers can enjoy before they embark on their New Zealand holiday. By far, the most popular time period to travel during Summer is right after Christmas, while most workplaces are closed and setting off for a beach or lakeside is exactly the way to unwind.

While busy New Zealand holiday makers are out in hoards during this time, if you pre-book your campsite, hostel, motel, hotel or campervan site well in advance, then there really is nothing to stop you being a part of the happy holiday atmosphere. That is, if you enjoy a jostling lively environment. If you would prefer somewhere more remote, then delaying your New Zealand holiday until the later months of Summer might be the best solution. When crowds have disappeared but the warm weather is still pleasant enough to enjoy evening strolls on the beach and sleeping under the stars then having your New Zealand holiday in February might be ideal.

new-zealand-holiday-contentHow to Enjoy a New Zealand Holiday

While some holiday-makers cannot do without a boat load of holiday toys, hauling BBQs, jet skis and all manner of electronic equipment with them on their voyage, it is probably best to travel light. Keeping your carry weight to a minimum means less fuss and greater opportunity to relish what nature has to offer. Wake to bird song, watch the stars come out, go for bush walks and coastal exploration, make the most of being outdoors. Be comfortable, but try to have a simple New Zealand holiday, you will be grateful you left the laptop at home.

Where to go on your New Zealand Holiday

Every spot has something unique about it, whether it be river side, wild coast or sandy beach, forest or farmland. If you are spending a few days away on your New Zealand holiday, then consider going somewhere that has a lot to offer in terms of activities during the day. That is, unless you want to do absolutely nothing but relax and read for your entire time away! Be aware that some holiday spots are popular and become crowded and booked out over peak times. To avoid being left out, make sure you book well in advance or plan to go on either side of the busy 3 week period around Christmas and the New Year.

However you choose to spend your New Zealand holiday, know there is a warm welcome here for you at Kiwi Corral where many holiday-makers have made wonderful holiday memories.


A Kiwi Hostel

If every traveller who had visited New Zealand were to give their impressions of a kiwi hostel, the stories would make for a long and entertaining occasion. They would also tell of a wide variety of both positive and negative experiences, much of which depends greatly on the kiwi hostel they visited. Among the horror stories would be places that were disorganised or unhygienic, that had facilities which didn’t work, were over-priced or had misleading information promoting their accommodation. Unfortunately, places like this exist; then there are the places with the “wow” factor. We will examine some of the features that travellers look for in the ideal kiwi hostel.


Keep it Clean

For most travellers who are looking for an inexpensive place to stay, the priority is cleanliness. They want to ensure that the place they lay their head is fresh, that the conveniences are maintained regularly and that the communal areas are tidy. Places that meet these expectations exude a sense of care and order so that at the end of a busy day or long travel, the place they relax at, is well looked after.

Plug it in


On top of this, a great kiwi hostel has to have facilities that operate. It is not too much to ask for. Showers that are hot, washing machines that function as they should, an oven that turns on. There is an expectation that basic amenities work correctly. Indeed, for busy hostels these facilities get a lot of use but they should be well maintained so that each individual visitor receives the same functioning appliance or whiteware that they use. For most intrepid travellers, they want to be able to freshen their laundry, have a good night’s sleep and prepare food on the go. For this to occur, all amenities must be both clean and functional.

Off to bed

Additionally, what makes a kiwi hostel really popular is the comfort of the beds. In order to offer multiple people accommodation at a reasonable price, it is understood that the beds will unlikely be top of the line luxurious models with the highest quality Egyptian cotton sheets. However, getting good rest is high up on the list of priorities for most travellers. Yes, many travellers have stories of sleeping on the roadside, someone’s couch or somewhere cramped and dirty but travelling rough is not generally what your average traveller prefers. Especially when it comes to sleep. Having a quality comfortable bed with fresh linen is something every good hostel should be able to offer.

So, for a kiwi hostel that can boast clean and tidy rooms, functional equipment and a comfortable bed, come on down to visit us where we tick all the boxes for a fantastically memorable stay.







Backpacking NZ

One very important thing to note is that if you intend try backpacking NZ, you’re going to need to pack for variety. This incredibly spectacular country has a versatile landscape and a considerably variable climate. You can be on the beach in sub-tropical weather in the morning and scaling a mountain with biting wintry winds in the afternoon. Part of the attraction of this country is the sheer number of breath-taking scenic routes you can take. However, come prepared. This country has a vast range of different things to see and do and you will require the clothing and equipment to make the most of each in its own unique environment.

backpacking-nz-featureBackpacking NZ is a popular way to see the country on a budget. Checking into low-key accommodation on the way as a base to see the kinds of landscapes, take part in high energy activities or just learn a bit of the local way of life in your own pace. Whether you are a seasoned traveller who has their itinerary marked out in detail or whether who wistfully take to wherever your interests lie on the day, you will do well to know that being flexible to respond to a variance in temperatures and weather is key to remaining comfortable in every situation. Each version of traveling is an adaptation of getting around with a pack on your back with the wish to make lifelong memories and see a new country.

backpacking-nz-contentBefore you take to the sky direction New Zealand, be sure to know what the season is when you arrive. Situated in the southern Pacific, this group of islands encompasses rainforests, desert, snow-capped mountains and white sandy beaches. If you choose to venture into the playground of the hikers, snow sport enthusiasts and adventure junkies, make sure you have the right gear and consult a professional so that you don’t end up with all your precious travel documents at the bottom of the river while white water rafting. Bear in mind that this is the country that invented bungee-jumping, the jet boat and a range of other crafty activities. If you really want to revel in adventure then you have come to the right place.

When you are backpacking NZ, have a map, take a guide, ask questions and make sure you have the appropriate clothing and gear during your visit. When you are at high altitude the changeability of weather is something you need to be aware of all year round. Do not expect to come in the high summer and find the mountains open for skiing. Choose the activities within the season you will be here and take heed of advice from professionals, locals and visitors that have gone before you.

This is a well trekked land, perfect for exploring either on foot, bike, boat or by air. If you like scenery that will take your breath away, activities that will do the same, buzzing cities and empty landscapes, walks to waterfalls, tramps to mountains and lakeside retreats then you have found the right place. Just make sure that while backpacking NZ, the only thing you can expect is for the unexpected to occur. If you expect accommodation that is clean, comfortable and inexpensive then find us here on your adventure, at Kiwi Corral.


Walks the Talk

Walking. Seems like one of the most natural activities in the world. Getting on your feet and making your way from point A to point B. Thing is, this basic activity is exceptionally good for your health and the benefits of which are not often stated. Whether as a means to transport yourself places, to visit somewhere or to take you away, walks are a great way to boost your health.


Get physical. It is oft touted as something we need to do more, work up a sweat, get that heart pumping. Whether you are wanting to burn calories, reduce soaring blood pressure or just increase fitness getting that body moving is top of the list. Certainly eating well and including a variety of fruit and vegetables in one’s diet can help improve health but there is nothing like moving your body for helping you get on top of good health.

The key to enjoying walks is not to view activity as a way to improve health (although that should be a prime motivating factor), but to derive fun from it. A way to do this is to walk somewhere that interests you. Is going to see a waterfall, walking along the beach, or to your friend’s house something that would inspire you to get moving? If so, try and incorporate these kinds of walks into your daily schedule. You are using your walks as a transportation and it is the activity itself that you are enjoying. If this is the case then there is a greater likelihood that you will partake more regularly.

walks-the-talk-content-2Furthermore, it is worth noting that your body is designed to move. Your joints, muscles, and bones all benefit from moderate levels of activity. Spending energy helps your body to transport oxygen around your body, reduces stress levels, aids in preventing dementia, increases metabolism and helps in healthy weight management.

Another way to use walks in a motivating way is to participate in sports. Whether in a social team sports environment, or in a more focused activity challenging yourself, either can be a great way to gain satisfaction from activity.

So whether you are going for walks to get somewhere, to see something or to get warm during the winter months, any way to generate heat, get that blood pumping and strengthen those muscles, all ways are guaranteed to improve your physical and mental health. Get moving!

Then when you want to relax and put your feet up, come to us for backpacking accommodation that is second to none.


What Makes Hostels in the Bay of Plenty Great?

I am picturing it now. Fatigued and over-burdened, after a long haul flight in the arrival lounge and lugging an enormous bag of your hopes and dreams of a memorable holiday abroad, all packed up tidily into a backpack weighing just under the specified travel bag allowance. Dreary and with limited itinerary, you are about to embark upon an adventure that will cultivate your character, moulding your memories and crafting your experiences in a way that only traveling can do. You know you have limited funds and so a big part of the success of this trip relies on you being able to be creative with your currency and find the best quality accommodation at affordable prices. This blog shows you that if you are looking for such a place that hostels in the Bay of Plenty just may have what you are looking for.


Why Hostels in the Bay of Plenty?

Hostels-in-Bay-of-Plenty-content-twoFirst, we cannot go past this question without detailing just why this region has everything a traveller could want in a holiday. For working holidays, for adventure, for walks, for beaches, for countryside and more, you know you have arrived at the place that has it all. Kiwi Corral is located on the Goodness Highway, conveniently just out of the rural town of Te Puke, crowned King of kiwifruit for its significant contribution to this premium export. As a result, for working holidaymakers, work can usually be found year round and is a popular way to finance excursions for those on a budget.

Te Puke is a spot which is positioned an easy drive from the spectacular Bay of Plenty coastline, celebrated for its stunning sandy white beaches and easy lifestyle. There is an abundance of activities on the go year round for the curious right through to the avid adrenalin junkie. If from your hostel in the Bay of Plenty, you want to visit some truly memorable and essentially kiwi experiences then your tourist capital is only a short drive away. From here you can have an authentic cultural experience, visit the luge or see the geothermal activity that Rotorua is famous for.

Hostels-in-Bay-of-Plenty-contentThe array of outdoors walks from leisurely right through to overnight hikes can be found in this location and is easily accessible from your hostel in the Bay of Plenty. Venture to a waterfall, circumnavigate a lake or go in it with rafting trips. Visit spectacular native tree stands or hear the sounds of our national bird, the kiwi at night during an overnight stay at a cabin. With any of these options, the potential for lifelong memories is high.

If you are after that wonderful hostel in the Bay of Plenty which will show you kindness, cleanliness, fun and great value, you only need to look for us and contact us and we will be happy to book you in somewhere to stay during your trip of a lifetime.